Rachel Perkins

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Rachel Perkins is currently Executive Producer of the Indigenous Programme Unit at ABC Television. RADIANCE is her debut feature film. Perkins' credits as director include episode one of the ABC's Songlines, a half hour Indigenous music programme which she also executive produced; episode one of the ABC's Black Out Back, a comedy series featuring Ningali Lawford; the ABC documentary Crim TV, about the life of Koori inmates in Long Bay Jail; Emily Kngwarraye, a short documentary for the U.K.'s Channel 4 Television; the Freedom Ride episode of Blood Brothers, four one hour documentaries based on significant epochs of Australian history through the lives of four Aboriginal men; From the Bush, a half hour documentary which was one of 13 half hour internationally co-produced documentaries; International Year of Indigenous People, a concert advertisement and Beat The Grog, three 30 second commercials, followed by nine talk shows, regarding alcohol abuse in Aboriginal communities. Credits as an executive producer include eight 30 minute documentaries by independent Indigenous filmmakers for the ABC; Manyu Wanna, ten half hour children's programmes in Warlpiri Language with English subtitles for SBS and My Life As I Live It, a sixty minute documentary for SBS. Between 1991 and 1993 Rachel worked as an executive producer with SBS, to establish and administer the Aboriginal Television Production Unit. Rachel frequently lectures on Indigenous Affairs. She has spoken at the ASDA 1995 Annual Conference; the House of World Culture in Berlin; the Margaret Mead Festival at the American Museum of Natural History in New York; Australia Today, a film cultural event in Jakarta; the Aboriginal Media, Film Policy at Griffith University and was a Delegate to the 14 th Indigenous Film Festival in Douarnenez, France.
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