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Peter New

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Date of Birth:
30 October 1971 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
6' (1.83 m)
Peter was born in Vancouver. When he was six, he lived in New Zealand, but then came back. In high school he took drama for a free block because he was getting bored of band, but then stuck with it. At 16 he toured Australia with the Vancouver Youth Theatre, which, by all reports, was wicked fun. At 20 he founded The Legend of Bonefish, a really pretty funny comedy troupe in which he played a talking whale and (among a lot of other things) the god Zeus, who bedded mortal women in the form of animals. That split up. But then there were two more comedy troupes: Long Hard Comedy Rocket and Blackout Broadcast. With so much comedy comedied, it was not a surprise when the Comedy Network let him work on a show of theirs. He won an award for it! He did all the stuff you can see on his resume, as well as lots of live theatre (comedies, mostly; but not all!) including 'A Twisted Christmas Carol' and 'Double Exposure: The Snides of March'. One day he'll get around to filling all his theatre credits in on the other works page and then you can peruse them. His most recent ones are Galileo in 'The Life of Galeleo' and Uncle Jocko in 'Gypsy'. Peter recently won a contest called Hot Shot Shorts. It's a writing contest. He very much hopes his film will be listed among his credits soon. Then you all will get to see what it was called. After today Peter will do other things. But it's impossible to know what because they have not happened yet. Keep your pants on.
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