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Osman Soykut

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
1 January 1957 Ankara, Turkey
5' 11" (1.80 m)
Osman Soykut was born on 1 January 1957 in Ankara, Turkey, to a middle-class family. His father, Esat Soykut, was a bank manager and his mother, a talented woman, was a great influence in developing his creative side.In the late 50s and throughout the 60s, Osman's neighborhood in Ankara was colonized by American families who were attached to the nearby NATO base. Since most families in the neighborhood were American, he was able to learn English from an early age. When his father's job took the family to Germany, he was enrolled in the Frankfurt International School, an American school with emphasis on English education, where he spent three years. During this time he also acquired a fluent knowledge of German.Returning to Ankara, Osman attended Ankara College, an English-style boarding school from where he obtained his high school diploma in 1973. In 1975, he entered the Middle East Technical University's Department of Architecture, one of the leading universities in Turkey and the Middle East. He was awarded a B.A. in Architecture in 1980. He then attended the Technical University of Stuttgart, Germany, for further training. In 1984 he moved to Long Beach, California, and two years later converted to Buddhism.In 1987, Osman began to develop a career in theme park development as a show-set designer, drawing on his training as an architect. His career culminated in the Sanrio Puroland project, during which time he spent two years in Tokyo. After learning AutoCAD to assist in theme park design work, he developed an interest in 3D graphics, and soon became an animator for the computer game industry. After working for several companies (Microprose, Novalogic and Disney Interactive) he formed his own company, Gameasset.com.In 1996 Osman attended his first acting class, out of curiosity. Today, he is a member of SAG and AFTRA, and is looking forward to a rewarding and exciting career. He is interested in writing, producing and directing, as well as acting. He lives near Los Angeles with his wife, Ako.
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