Nick Lyon

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
25 April 1970 Pocatello, Idaho, USA
6' 4½" (1.94 m)
An internationally produced director and writer, Nick Lyon was a resident of Portland, Oregon before moving to Germany in 1991 at the age of 22. An artist on a journey to discover the world, Nick had only planned on staying in Germany for six months. This soon turned into seven years, in which time he learned German, graduated a film school, directed some of Germany's largest band's music videos and ultimately directed one of Germany's premiere actors, Maximilian Schell, in a feature produced by Warner Bros.. It was a very intense ride that took Nick from being an 22 year old struggling artist to the top of the German entertainment industry.Nick's interest in film began shortly after arriving in Germany. Before then, he could not decide which art form he enjoyed most: painting, sculpting, writing, music, theater, photography, philosophy or even performance art. Seeing that film is a combination of all art forms, Nick decided that it was the only path for him, especially since it is almost the only art that could speak to millions of people, which painting didn't. As a result of his decision, Nick learned the German language in order to apply to a film school in Germany.Just a year after moving to Germany, Nick was accepted to the Film Academy in Ludwigsburg where he earned a four-year diploma in film directing. At first, Nick took a very strong liking to animation, but soon moved into live action film where he could combine animated figures with humans as seen in his short film "The Fisherman and His Wife" which was an adaptation of the Bros. Grimm Fairy Tale. The most recognized short films that Nick directed during his Film Academy stay was a dark comedy titled Hilda Humphrey (1997). "Hilda Humphrey" went on to win three international film festivals and been showcased at festivals world-wide.At the age of 27, Nick had graduated film school and directed several music videos for some of Germany's most renowned and commercial bands. A year after graduating, at the age of 27 Warner Bros. hired Nick to direct Oscar winner Maximilian Schell, in I Love You, Baby (2000), an erotic thriller that was shot in Germany and Spain for $3.5 Million. In 2000, "I Love You, Baby" was released both theatrically and on VHS/DVD.Since his directorial debut, Nick has shot several new projects, including a music video for The Farmer Boys, which won the German Independent Music Award's "Best Video" category. In 2001, his first wife Allyson gave birth to their son Parker.
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