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Larry Eudene

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5' 7" (1.70 m)
Larry Eudene has been involved in the Film Business all his life. His Grandfather and Uncle owned Cinecom which distributed movies, made the 'Christmas That Almost Wasn't' and had over 100 theaters. Larry grew up like the child in Cinema Paradiso. He started acting as soon as he could read, started photography when he was 7, had a darkroom at 10, wrote poetry in his teens and switched to directing as soon as he was old enough. He directed hundreds of commercials winning national awards before he moved into Independent Films and has been involved in over 50 movies so far in one capacity or another as a Director/Second Unit Director/Script Creative Consultant/Production Consultant (Advisor), etc. Larry acted in 10 Movies before he was able to admit to himself and others that yes, he was an Actor. Most of his Acting Credits came from being involved in the particular movie and the Director, DP (Cinematographer) or Producer literally shoved him in front of the camera. He has not been in a single film so far where it came through auditions from a Casting Director, but this year he has focused on Acting and he is now doing auditions. Larry knows many well known actors and improvs with them personally and oh yeah, his cousin is Tim Blake Nelson of whom you might have heard.
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