Josh Casaubon photo

Josh Casaubon

Birth name:
Joshua Thomas Casaubon
Date of Birth:
16 August 1978 Brunswick, Maine, USA
6' (1.83 m)
Josh Casaubon was born in Brunswick, Maine on August 16th, 1978. He grew up in Florida and New Hamphire, but his family finally settled in Massachusetts in the early 90s. For high school, Josh attended Marianapolis Prep. in Thompson, Connecticut. He graduated and went on to the University of Maine, but left after one semester. He enlisted into the United States Army and was stationed in Hawaii for nearly four years. With numerous military achievements, he was selected for the Special Forces but would have had to re-enlist, and already thinking of becoming an actor, Josh turned down the offer. He was honorably discharged and moved to New York City in August, 2001 to attend Eugene Lang college at New School University. He began taking extra-curricular acting classes and sneaking into James Lipton's "The Actor's Studio" posing as a graduate student. His first NYC play was in December of 2001 and he enjoyed it so much that for his second semester he opted to take only acting classes. He then began skipping classes to act in student films, volunteer at local theaters and perform on stage. In early April, 2002 he stopped going to college altogether and decided to put all his time and money into his career. Josh has since performed in dozens of plays, several films and studied with some of the best acting teachers in NYC. He currently studies with Thomas G. Waites and keeps himself as busy as possible outside of his contract role on ABC's "One Life To Live".
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