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Jonathan Avigdori

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
6 May 1975 New York
5' 11" (1.80 m)
Jonathan started his career in New York, studying film at The School of Visual Arts. He moved to Los Angeles in 1999, and started to explore his acting skills in a variety of styles, including: film, improv, and theatre. He joined The "Lee Strasberg Acting Institute" in 2002. Upon graduation, Jonathan wrote, directed and produced, two theatre plays and a TV pilot.His first play - "Flashing back", was a unique comedy which constantly goes backwards in time. This was a brave attempt and first of its kind, to bring a new kind of genre on stage.Then came "The Palestinian Connection". Which was produced in L.A. in winter of 2003. The play was a major breakthrough. It received great reviews in major trades. Jonathan played a hothead Israeli corrupted cop who took matter to his own hands by kidnapping and torturing a Palestinian militant.In 2005 Jonathan wrote a TV Pilot called "Jew Tales", a story about a dysfunctional Jewish family in Brooklyn. Jonathan played an alcoholic family therapist who's watching his own marriage collapse while trying to save everyone else's.In 2005 Jonathan co-stared in Steven Spielberg's action thriller "Munich". Jonathan played the real life character of Gad Tsabari, one of the only two athletes who managed to run away from the 1972 Israeli Olympic team massacre.Jonathan is now producing his latest screenplay "American Girls", a daring teenage comedy about three young teenage girls in their High school senior year, who vowed to lose their virginity by prom night.
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