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Jessica Rizo

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Los Gatos, California, USA
5' 7" (1.70 m)
Jessica Yvonne Rizo was born in Los Gatos, California, and was raised nearby in the small historical town of Saratoga. She has a mixed background including Italian, Spanish, Irish and Native American. Jessica began performing at the age of 7 and was a natural, involving herself in local talent shows, and plays. Between the young ages of 11 and 22 Jessica lost both her parents, her mother Pauline, 32 and father Louis, 57. Surviving the losses along with Jessica were her brother Luis, sisters Melissa, and Kimberly. As trying as these times were, she found peace during the years, and focused on healing herself and her family through her parents' strength. With hopes of making her family proud, Jessica attended an international model search at the age of 14. She was sought after by several prestigious agencies such as Ford, Elite, and Wilhelmina, but decided to sign with a local talent agent in San Francisco, City Management, and finished school in her hometown. Fresh into her contract, she began working with renowned and prestigious clients. After a couple years of success, Jessica was ready for a new challenge, and she decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. At the age of 21 she left her hometown and she was off to Hollywood.She attended open calls for local talent agencies and later signed with CESD Talent Agency for print, and HRI Talent Agency for commercials. She immediately began booking international print campaigns, and soon thereafter she began to book national commercial campaigns. Her first theatrical contract was with boutique agency RPM Talent. She quickly became a full-time actress, and immersed herself in such work as producing and hosting the web based series "ibeauty" for Brad Greenspan of Live Video. She earned theatrical credits in shorts films such as "A Beautiful Disaster", where Jessica wrapped herself in the dramatic role of a Methanphetmine addict. Then, after auditioning for upcoming director Ken Duke, Jessica booked the role of Serena in his latest dramatic piece, "The Last Score". This was an exciting and difficult role to portray because the role was that of a woman 7 months pregnant, but Jessica walked into the role cool and confident. Immediately after production wrapped with "The Last Score", she moved onto the role of Carmen in the piloted sitcom "Burn", where she was able to showcase her comedic skills. Jessica's most recent project is a featured role in the directorial debut of the accredited editor Nick Moore, in "Wild Child", where she played opposite Emma Roberts. She has also been featured in Music Videos for multi-platinum selling artists such as "The Goo Goo Dolls," and "Audioslave". When not on the set Jessica can be seen in class fine tuning her acting skills with Ivana Chubbuck Studios.Jessica finds sanctuary in writing music and working on her first album entitled "Don't Speak Just Listen", inspired by her musical heroes, Alicia Keyes, Erica Badu, Norah Jones, John Legend, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Jewel, and John Mayer. She enjoys studying languages and speaks conversational Spanish and Hebrew. She likes traveling, surfing, cycling, and finding spiritual healing through faith. One of her favorite things to do, and what she is best known for is positively influencing people's lives, even if it is just with a smile or an embrace with hopes that their day be bright and filled with love.Though Jessica will always be dedicated to her acting career she will find herself most fulfilled when she will be able to start non-profit organizations for Cancer and AIDS research. Eventually she would like to adopt at least two children and someday have a few of her own.
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