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Jack Ketchum

Birth name:
Dallas William Mayr Jr.
Date of Birth:
10 November 1946 Newark, New Jersey, USA
Jack Ketchum published his first novel in 1980 titled "Off Season", a version of the Sawney Beane story. The novel was subsequently slated by the Village Voice as 'violent pornography', but the author has continued to write fiction that deals with the cruelty and violence so often apparent in everyday life. Since the publication of "Off Season", he has released several successful novels including "She Wakes", "Cover", "Road Kill" (aka "Joyride"), "Only Child" (aka "Stranglehold"), "Ladies Night" and "Triage" with fellow writers Richard Laymon and Edward Lee. In 1990 he published "Offspring", the sequel to "Off Season".Three of his most powerful novels have recently been turned into films. Red (2008) is a revenge story that deals with the subject of animal abuse and stars Tom Sizemore, Brian Cox, Amanda Plummer and Robert Englund of A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) fame. The Girl Next Door (2007) - based on actual events - tracks the abuse of two teenage sisters. The Lost (2006/II) is story of a serial killer and features horror queen Dee Wallace of The Howling (1981), Stephen King's Cujo and Rob Zombie's Halloween (2007). He has also tried his hand at acting, taking small roles in The Lost (2006/II) and Edward Lee's Header (2006). Stephen King is a fan of Jack Ketchum's work and contributed the introduction to the signed limited edition of The Girl Next Door. Ketchum's numerous short fiction is collected in "The Exit at Toledo Blade Boulevard", "Broken on the Wheel of Sex", "Peaceable Kingdom" and "Closing Time and Other Stories".Jack Ketchum's fourth adaptation Offspring (2009) starred Jessica Butler and Art Hindle. It is the tale of youngsters trying to survive the local cannibals who have been feeding on drifters for many years and is based on Jack's novels "Off Season" and "Offspring".His latest novella is a science fiction horror titled "Weed Species" for Cemetery Dance Publications. He also recently released "Old Flames" a collection of two novellas.
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