Hart Bochner photo

Hart Bochner

Birth name:
Hart Matthew Bochner
Date of Birth:
3 October 1956 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
6' 1" (1.85 m)
The son of distinguished actor Lloyd Bochner, handsome Canadian-born actor Hart Bochner is not your typical Hollywood celebrity. Although having notched up a rather impressive list of work, Hart has remained fairly anonymous and nomadic, somewhat shunning the glamorous and fast-paced lifestyle of Hollywood to lead a more productive, meaningful existence.Christened "The Greenest Celebrity in Hollywood" by Time magazine (beating out fellow earth-friendly candidate Leonardo DiCaprio), Bochner is a keen environmentalist who often speaks openly about the importance of preserving the planet's natural habitat. He is a regular guest on Sherry Beall's environmental radio show, "Healthy Planet, Healthy Me!". Hart is one of the very few celebrities in Hollywood who actually lives and breathes what he says. He owns a hydrogen-powered car and sits on the Board of Directors of the Environmental Media Association, which he has been a member of for several years.Besides being an active environmentalist, Hart keeps busy by immersing himself in acting, as well as dabbling in writing and directing. To date, he has directed four films: The Buzz (1992), PCU (1994) (one of Jeremy Piven's first leading roles), High School High (1996) (with Jon Lovitz), and most recently, Just Add Water (2008/I), which starred Dylan Walsh, Jonah Hill, Justin Long and Danny DeVito. Hart was also the screenwriter of Just Add Water (2008/I).Hart made his film acting debut in legendary director Franklin J. Schaffner's Islands in the Stream (1977). Hart was actually discovered at an AFI Open House in 1975 by Franklin Schaffner's wife. Talk about a stroke of good luck!Over the years, Hart had appeared in numerous films, however, to many, none of his performances top the one that he turned in in 1988's action blockbuster, Die Hard (1988). Among countless fans, his name has become synonymous with that of the character he played, Harry Ellis. Hart's character of Ellis was ranked by Maximum Magazine as the "#2 Greatest Movie Sleazeball of All Time".In 2008, Hart landed the role of Zach McNeill, the love interest of Debra Messing's character in TV's "The Starter Wife" (2008). The show has a strong fan base and was nominated for a Golden Globe Award in 2009.A man of many talents, Hart Bochner is a talent to watch out for.
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