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Haleigh Ward

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
21 February 1998 Long Beach, California, USA
4' 4½" (1.33 m)
Haleigh Nicole Ward was born on the 21 February 1998, in Long Beach, California, to Michael and Brandi Ward. She has two younger sisters, Bryce Mackenzie and Lana Lauren. Haleigh has a wonderful extended family that supports her in her pursuit of an acting career. She is small for her age, just now an inch over 4 feet tall, which gives her the opportunity to play a much younger character as she did in the movie Norbit (2007) with Eddie Murphy. Haleigh enjoys playing sports and is very active in church. Haleigh attended a private Christian School from preschool through 3rd grade and half of 4th grade, excelling in her studies from a young age. She has most recently transferred into a local Public School, where she continues to do very well with her studies. Haleigh loves school; her favorite subjects are science, writing composition and drama, and she has had roles in the schools productions. Showing an interest in acting, singing and dancing at a very young age, she would put on talent shows or make-up commercials and perform for her family. She is very creative and well liked by her peers. She became more persistent in pursuing her acting, so in 2006 she started doing some background work to fill in the gaps in between auditioning for theatrical and commercial roles. Several times, she got the opportunity to be put in as a featured character and was adored by everyone she worked with. She has enjoyed doing several TV shows, but she will tell you, her favorite so far was playing Carly on "My Boys" (2006). Haleigh has done several other students films and booked some roles just by word of mouth. For the past 9 months, Haleigh has been studying theatrical and commercial with Devon Odessa from Hollywood kids. Haleigh is very dedicated to the pursuit of an acting career; she works very hard and always strives for excellence in everything she does.
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