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Gary 'Si-Jo' Foo

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
30 June 1966
Gary Foo was born in London England in 1966 to an English mother and Chinese father. The eldest son, he was known as Di-Goh / Gor-Gor - the Chinese for 'Big Brother.' This almost takes on parental responsibilities from a young age and he was educated into a very strong mix of Chinese and English traditions.As a toddler, he moved to live in the far east with his parents and sister. He lived there for about 5 years until moving back to London in the early seventies. He explored his artistic capabilities during these formative years being involved in Drama plays, playing several instruments and singing in bands with his own original material, learning stunt techniques, comedic routines and action sequences. Never short of female admirers, Gary became quite a trend setter. His confidence and style developed as he became a teenager becoming almost quite bohemian at times. He was known for 'doing his own thing' and developed several circles of friends in various different areas from Church to the Martial Arts clubs. He studied several martial arts developing proficiently in all of them.He was also quite a 'scientist' at school. He was either going to join the military, become a Doctor or join the Police. The 3rd in a line of Police Officers he became a Police Officer and well known armed tactical training instructor - working in both the UK and later in Canada where he emigrated in the late 1980s.Whilst on the Police in Canada, he met his Wife - also a Police Officer - and they had 2 children. He is a dedicated father and husband.Gary is the 'Si-Jo' or 'Founder' of the martial art Woo Gar Mo Sut in the school of Philosopher & Warrior. Gary has always exercised and trained and studied at the same time. It seems a most befitting name of anyone balancing the physical and cerebral activities in life. He is also a gifted therapist and qualified in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage and other therapies such as Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. He is also a Search and Rescue Technician and Paramedic with qualifications in Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS). An active philanthropist he is involved in several areas of volunteer work and is the trustee of registered Charities in the United Kingdom. (He lead a team and flew to the Indian Ocean after the Tsunami 2004 - working in Sri Lanka and hospitals as a field trauma medic.)During the early 1980s whilst still a serving Police Officer, Gary got permission from the Police Force to assist in an action movie being made in Toronto by Film One Productions. This he did as a Technical Advisior and an Actor, eventually earning is ACTRA (Union) Card. Throughout the 1990s he worked on several projects - mostly action movies - but also several stage shows, commercials and other independent projects.Gary is quite aware of some of his early 'wooden' performances in the motion pictures he appeared in and 'cringes' with laughter if forced to watch them!He doesn't take things so seriously now. After moving to Produce and Direct more projects - as well as acting - he's learned his natural style. He has met the most famous and best Actors in the industry over the years and learned a lot. He has also spent a lot of time training other actors in stunt and action performances. He is a Fight Master with best Canadian School of Fight Direction - 'Fight Directors - Canada.'Always busy, Gary Foo, is not defined by his activities as a performer or creative business head. He is a man with rare perception and drive, belying his years. Although very driven - he enjoys the journey - not just seeking the the destination. He believes we will be more defined by what we do than what we say - and believes there's a lot to be said in helping others. Although he travels the globe regularly, he is now based in the United Kingdom again with his family and enjoying life. 'Things are good' he says... or occasionally "It's all good!"As he returns back from independent and stage projects back to the motion picture productions, you will no doubt see more of his projects on screen and coming soon.
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