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Gabriel Bartalos

Birth name:
Gabriel Z. Bartalos
Date of Birth:
Gabe Bartalos is the producer of "The Mercy Man" (2009). Gabe had his directorial debut in 2004 with the critically acclaimed surrealistic feature film "Skinned Deep", which he also wrote and produced.Gabe is best known for his special make-up effects artistry for films such as "Leprechaun" (1993) , "Sometimes They Come Back" (1991), Sideshow" and "The Hollow" (2004). Early in his career Bartalos left his mark in the horror genre by teaming up with director Frank Henenlotter on horror classics such as "Brain Damage", "Frankenhooker" (1990), "Basket Case 2" (1990) and "Basket Case 3" (1992). In 2008 Bartalos was executive producer for Henenlotter's "Bad Biology".Gabe has handled the prosthetic make-up effects for artist/filmmaker Matthew Barney since 1991 with works including "Cremaster 1" (1996), "Cremaster 2" (1999), "Cremaster 3" (2002), "Cremaster 4" (1995), "Cremaster 5" (1997), "March of the Anal Sadistic Warrior" (1998), "De Lama Lamina" (2007), "Drawing Restraint 9" (2005) and most recently on the 2008 Los Angeles live performance of "Ren".Bartalos' artistic endeavors outside the big screen include collaborating with P.E.T.A.'s "Milk Gone Wild!" Super Bowl spots and the ultra-realistic stitches for FX's "Nip/Tuck" ad campaigns, video artists Doug Aitkens ("Blow Debris") and Omer Fast ("Take A Deep Breath"), as well as working together with celebrity photographer Mark Seliger on multiple Rolling Stone Magazine photo shoots (including Marilyn Manson, Johnny Knoxville and Will Ferrell).Gabe owns and operates Atlantic West Effects, a full service make-up special effects studio that specializes in sculpture, prosthetics and animatronics that has been servicing the motion picture industry for over twenty years.
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