Erik Betts photo

Erik Betts

Birth name:
Erik Charles Betts
Date of Birth:
22 November 1967 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
5' 9½" (1.77 m)
Born 22 November, 1967 in Boston, Massachusetts, Erik Betts is a self taught gymnast and martial artist since the age of 11. His fascination with movement and the arts was inspired by his favorite comic book hero, Spiderman. Insecure and very shy, Betts could relate to the problems experienced by Spiderman's alter ego Peter Parker. Erik was raised by his mother and grandmother, aunts and uncle. Erik got his film start in an ultra-low budget movie called, "Shootfighter" (1992). Long before television and moviegoers knew his face, children were watching Betts as the "Red and Green Rangers" on the unprecedently popular FOX TV series "The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers." Prior to that, Betts had small parts in a wide array of television, commercial and movie roles for a few years. Now a full-fledged stunt actor Erik then stunned television audiences as the suavely vicious "Panther" in "WMAC Masters" (1994). On March 14, 1996, "Panther" suffered a broken right hip and thigh during a taping of the show that took five surgeries and rehab of almost three years. Enlightened by his experience, Erik took a chance few others would dare, and put stunts behind him. Betts would be over 30 years old before finally deciding, relatively late in life (at 33), to try his chances at acting by enrolling at the Ivana Chubbuck Studios in California where he continues to study.
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