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Eric Martinez is also the CEO of Powermoves Entertainment a fast rising record label out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Eric has also worked on a video for Tupac and been seen in several magazines such as Billboard, Urban Latino and Lowrider. This promising actor is on the rise and you will definitely be seeing more of him. Certainly Martinez has become a strong power force in the music and film industry. This Latino artist, entrepreneur, actor and model founded Powermoves Entertainment 4 years ago in New Mexico and already has set a precedence in the entertainment industry as a leading force! His upbringing represents a long road to stardom through his passion of dancing, acting and modeling. He has appeared in several videos alongside the deceased icon Tupac Shakur and participated in movie roles with Christian Slater, Ice Cube, Pam Grier, Master P and many more. Recently Eric spoke at the R&B/HipHop Billboard Music Awards in Atlanta, on the Latin Rap/Reggaeton Panel. The panel was one of the most popular and informative panels there, as in Billboard Radio Monitor. Eric Martinez was also seen on CNN this year for his role on one of the panels for How Can I Be Down in Atlanta, as well as speaking on panels at the Texas Summer Music Conference in Dallas, The Powers of Music in Austin, The Latin HipHop Coalition in NY and several other panels. This year Eric is currently filming a new TV show in relation to unsigned artists and what it takes to make it in the industry. Eric has been seen in several national and international magazines such as Billboard Magazine, Urban Latino, Latino Suave, Upfront Magazine, Lowrider Magazine and soon The Source. Eric was also recently named one of the founding stars as an actor and an advocate for urban music for the new Urban Convergence Festival in Vail, Co. this August, along side Kanye West, Jay Z, The Temptations, Tony Touch, Stevie Wonder, Fergie, The Black Eyed Peas, Master P and many, many more. Currently several of the artists that Powermoves represents are making national head waves including J Xavier who has a video on BET, Jmar who's single "My Lady" is blowing up national radio, VVS who's single Tu Loco Loco will hit national airwaves later this month as well. With several other artists breaking nationally and Powermoves teaming up with several national brands, this is a label that is going to set the bar at a much higher level than most.
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