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Eha Urbsalu

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
16 May 1972
5' 9½" (1.77 m)
Estonian born Eha's mother, Milja, was a costume designer in the country's only movie studio, so young Eha became a background child actor in many Estonian movies, playing the girl riding the bicycle or walking into the store to buy candy and licking the big lollipop. As a teenager, she was also part of a theater group, performing in various events. But it was her beautiful smile that rocketed her career when she was selected to do a chewing gum commercial at 14 years of age. At age 16 she was a runner-up in a Miss Estonia pageant. She then competed for the supermodel title of the former Soviet Union and won. Discovered by Ford Modeling Agency she was entered in the Supermodel of the World pageant, where she was selected as one of the finalists.At 21, Eha decided to leave the modeling world and try acting, her true ambition, since it was always her dream to come to Hollywood to be a movie actress. She did manage to land a few small television roles, and had some movie roles, including Cannes Man (1996), which stars Johnny Depp, and Camera (2000/II), but frustrated at the lack of success, she met a boyfriend and moved to Ohio. This could have been the end of Eha's acting career, but she had also began songwriting and recording. She has a very sensual style which is a combination of dance and pop.After three of Eha's songs were chosen for the compilation, "From the Hamptons to Ibiza", released in August 2002, she moved to New York. She continued her music studies in Hunter College, along with various acting, speech and diction classes. Right away she was chosen as Marilyn Monroe in an Oxygen Channel commercial. Coincidentally she has that same incredible femininity that Marilyn Monroe had. Eha also was one of the Stepford wives in the movie _Stepford Wives (2004)_ with Nicole Kidman and 'Matthew Broderick' .In July 2004 Eha's single, "Touch Me," was picked up by the Rhythmic Radio compilation, along with hits by Janet Jackson and Seal. In August Eha performed on a Karin Models Next Generation Awards in Quayaquil, Equador, which was televised by Fashion TV and Univision throughout the world. In October, another song from her album, I'm On My Way, was chosen by Italy's biggest Radio 105 network for a compilation Top Radio 6, which soon reached a gold album status. Éha started 2005 performing as a finalist in Estonia for the Eurovision song contest. Soon after her new single, Gotta Go, reached #1 in radio in Estonia and Italy. By May, she reached #1 in top 40 of her first American radio chart, of Electric Eye Radio in New York and by April 2006 Eha rise to #48 at the Hot 100 of the South Korea. In the Spring 2006 Eha's Touch Me song won second place at The Billboard Worldwide Song Contest, Dance Category.In 2006 Eha got back into acting. First with a dark comedy, The Doctor Is In. Then a Russian major feature Spy Games 2, going to be released in the fall.
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