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Clint James

Birth name:
Clinton James Kozemczak
Date of Birth:
15 October 1974 Alexandria, Louisiana, USA
6' 3" (1.91 m)
Clint James is known among his peers as one of the most dedicated working actors out there. From his tough guy persona to the undeniable comic, Clint continues and remains to be a professional in his craft. Born in Alexandria, Louisiana, and raised in Missouri, Clint served nearly nine years in the USAF then returned from England to begin his acting career.After returning to the United States in 2002. he made his way to Tucson, Arizona, where he began writing plays and performing on stage in such performances as "A Midsummer Nights Sex Tragedy" and "Foot of Black Mountain." Other Tucson stage plays include "My Three Angels" and "Dial M for Murder." He then went on to star in Jackie Lee James' film Liquid Country (2004) and the Pearry Reginald Teo film Take Me Somewhere Nice (2004).Clint went on to play the role of a vampire in Live Evil (2009) directed by Jay Woelfel, starring Tim Thomerson and Mark Hengst.He then relocated to Los Angeles, California. Clint continued his acting career while training in Hollywood at the Complex Theatre, studying under Stephen Snyder and Leo Rossi.Clint then went on to do the voice of Uncle Sam and Donald Rumsfeld in the documentary Fatty (2009).Although he tends to play mainly edgy characters, his range is extremely diverse. From his comedic timing in "The Turners" to playing Jesus in The Blacksmith and the Carpenter (2007), starring along with Robert Picardo, Tony Curtis, Liz Sheridan, and Hunter Gomez to playing the roughneck rebel Captain Till in the feature film Redemption: A Mile from Hell (2009).Clint resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Canadian screenwriter and novelist Kimberly James and daughter Jesse Ray.
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