Brittney Wilson photo

Brittney Wilson

Birth name:
Brittney Meriah Wilson
Date of Birth:
26 March 1991 Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Brittney began her acting career at the tender age of six. Born on March, 26 1991, she has built up an impressive resume for such a young actress. Brittney has appeared in over 35 television and radio commercials. She is the animated voice of Sandy in "Tottoko Hamutaro" (2002), Maylu Sakurai in "Rockman.exe" (2001), and Mary Test in "Johnny Test" (2005), as well as a lead voice in seven animated movies. Her film and television credits range from guest starring and lead roles on TV series to many lead and supporting roles in movies of the week, opposite Linda Hamilton and Tom Arnold.She has also appeared in several feature films with Toni Collette, Nia Vardalos and David Duchovny to name a few, and her most recent feature, Scar (2007), the 3D thriller, starring Angela Bettis. Brittney has received four Hollywood Young Artists nominations, and two Leo nominations recognizing her for her work. Brittney is an accomplished singer and is working towards a recording career.You can also see Brittney on the hit TV show "Dinosapien" (2007) for BBC Kids and Discovery, in the lead role as Lauren Slayton.
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