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Bill Blair

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Kent, Ohio, USA
6' 1" (1.85 m)
Bill Blair, an actor and writer, was born and raised in Kent, Ohio, attended Kent State University, and graduated 1977 with a Bachelor of Science degree in speech-telecommunications. It was in college that Bill chose to concentrate full-time on his music career, playing in several bands, including Climax -- who had the hit Precious And Few in 1972 -- and the Classics IV. During the early 1980s he toured the country with his own group called Expression.In 1982, after a lengthy recovery from a severe injury while touring with Expression, he moved to Chicago. He shifted his career in entertainment and spent a lot of shoe leather knocking on doors during those early days in Chicago. Bill's first bit part in a movie came during the fall of 1982 in an American Playhouse film titled "The Killing Floor". He played the part of a security guard. By the following summer, Bill was doing featured bit parts and stand-in on several films. Bill's first commercial also came while in Chicago when he happened to knock on the door of Joe Saedelmeyer Productions. He didn't get a part from that audition, but agreed to work as a background artist in the commercial. On the day of the commercial, Joe came up to Bill and asked him to read a line. Later that day Bill said the line in the commercial as a principal performer. Bill also got his first speaking role in Chicago, a one-liner, on the TV movie "The Impostor" early in 1984 before he moved to Dallas.Over the next five years in Dallas, Bill kept very busy doing several print ads for magazines and other media-industrial shows. His movies included the first "RoboCop." Bill also took time to attend film acting school for two years.While in Dallas Bill actually played his first alien. He portrayed Mr. Spock in an industrial at the Dallas Convention Center for the Oracle Software Company.It was in January of 1990 that Bill made the move to the Los Angeles area. Bill moved to Florida in the fall of 1992 and signed with agents in Tampa, Orlando and Miami. After a short two to three weeks, he auditioned and won a job entertaining at Busch Gardens new water park called Adventure Land portraying a new live animated character called "Fabian". In July of 1992, Bill accepted a 16-week contract offer to work as a disc jockey for American Hawaii Cruises. In January 1993, Bill finally returned to the Los Angeles area.His first experiences as an alien in television was on Alien Nation. It all started when he met make-up designer Richard Snell and his girlfriend on the feature film "Demolition Man." This led Bill to his first work on the TV movies of "Alien Nation". Since then, he has become one of those few elite actors that seem to specialize in playing aliens from other worlds and of this world long ago.It was from there that he found himself working on the hit cult series "Babylon 5" in their first season, and shortly thereafter "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine". Bill worked all five seasons of "Babylon 5" plus two TV movies for TNT, and Seasons 4 through 7 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine". Bill did his first episode of Sliders on the 1998 season premiere episode "Genesis" as a Kromag Guard and in 1999, he appeared in various human forms throughout the season. Bill also worked with his friend Peter Jurasik from "Babylon 5", on three "Sliders" episodes in 1999. He appeared as "Bromo" (a caveman) in the sci-fi fantasy Dinosaur Valley Girls.Since then, Bill has bounced around from show to show, including such hits as Star Trek: Voyager, Enterprise, The X-Files, The Invisible Man, Drew Carey, Family Law, The District, Crossing Jordan, Providence, King of Queens, Will and Grace, "Yes, Dear!", Friends, as a regular on "The Division" for two seasons and the HBO Series "Carnivale". This past year has been slow in the Los Angeles area for science fiction, yet Bill found two projects to work on - "Voodoo Moon" as a 'Zombie' and a new show for the National Lampoon Clubhouse called "Trick or Treat" as 'The Mummy'. Meanwhile, Bill has has recently in the past few years worked on the shows "!Huff" starring Hank Azaria on Showtime and "Commander In Chief" starring Gina Davis and Donald Sutherland.Bill appeared in 'Blades of Glory' with Will Ferrell and most recently worked on the new show "Saving Grace" with Holly Hunter. It premiered July 23rd, 2007 on TNT.In 1986, Bill wrote a book titled "The Professionals Talent Handbook: The Guide To Getting Started".
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