Bethany Whitmore photo

Bethany Whitmore

Birth name:
Bethany Sarah Whitmore
Date of Birth:
7 December 1999 Australia
Bethany Whitmore was born 7 December 1999, Melbourne, Australia. Bethany is a very creative and uniquely minded individual. She gained her first TV appearance on "Rove Live" (2000) - as a panelist for three "Understanding 5" commercial comedy skits. Following this, at her very first audition, she gained the role of 5-year-old "Jaden" in the US miniseries "The Starter Wife" (2007), which stars Debra Messing, and Judy Davis.Bethany is also the lead voice of 8-year-old Mary Daisy Dinkle in Academy Award Winning Director, Adam Elliot's feature film Mary and Max (2009).