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Benjamin Ciaramello

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4 April 1981 Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Benny Ciaramello was trained at The Black Nexus Theater as well as The Stephanie Fury Theater in Los Angeles, California. His acting career began with a cameo appearance in the cult film "Saint Francis" followed by a leading role playing the character Totti in Pedro Varela's acclaimed play "Ectasy", the follow up work of "Trainspotting" author Irvin Welsh . Varela, the legendary director of the original "Trainspotting" play in Europe and close friend of Welsh, took Ciaramello on as one of only 2 students. Ciaramello's time at the "John Raitt" theater became a classical apprenticeship in the Method where he spent countless nights with the famous European thespian learning all of his tricks and spells. He was also guided in classical Alexander Technique under Paul Gleason during the same time at the " John Raitt." After this experience he went on to work with Steven Spielberg in a one line part in the studio giant " War of the Worlds", followed by His Role of Orlando in " The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down." His consistent success led to a staring role opposite Isablella Rosselinni in " Filthy Gorgeous" produced by Academy Award Winners Neil Meron and Craig Zadan and written by Academy Award Nominee Ron Nyswaner. In Filthy Gorgeous Ciaramello played a hi-class bisexual escort from New York who sold Crystal Meth in what became a very controversial dark the year continued he executed his craft and stretched the bounds of his method and after booking a small role in "The Guardian," all of his hard work payed off when he was cast as " Tony Jakubiak" the leading role in the highly emotional Drama entitled "The Fall." In "The Fall," Ciaramello displays a range and character of such intense magnitude that there is no question he is a serious leading man of dramatic films. He has currently accepted the offer to play James Payne in the film entitled " A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Maniac" directed by Tim Riel, the nationally acclaimed theater giant known for his psychotropic cult hit " Timothy and Charlie" which was based on the chance meeting of Timothy Leary and Charles Manson in Folsom Prison on acid. In his role as James Payne, Ciaramello will play a fictional underground rock legend who losses himself in the cold streets of New York through acid, sex, and rock and roll. You can be sure that you will be hearing much more from this talented actor as he continues to delve deeper and deeper into his craft while rising in the face of Hollywood Stardom.
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